mardi 4 février 2014

New Year, New Resolution!!!

Hello dear fellows!

A new year has begun. I hope you enjoyed the holidays.

I hope this year will be filled with love, happiness, success and joy!!!!

Here is a new illustration, I kinda rushed it to finish it before the 31st and be able to post on my facebook page  on time! Challenge succeeded!! It's not the first time I wanted to create a Happy New Year but usually I start really thinking about the 31st evening (procrastination, procrastination...). So this year, I must admit that even if for many persons those happy new year wishes seem late, for me it is right on time. Next year I'll to deliver for the 1st!!!

First resolution: less blabla, more action!!!

About the making of this illustration, it's half traditional, half digital. I love drawing straight away on Photoshop. I can change the composition as many time I want, flip, reduce, enlarge etc so I feel so much more free!!! I don't get attach to what I draw, because if it doesn't fit the composition, I don't have to erase it forever, I can just move it or keep for another illustration if necessary. BUT when it comes to patterns, I feel so much better with my pen and pencil! I can spontaneous, I let my hand free to create some curves, the drawing become alive. So I started this illustration on Photoshop, set up all the major elements, scanned it, and draw my patterns on paper then scanned it and finalizing on Photoshop. It can seem a little bit complicated but I am experiencing, and trying to get the best from the two techniques (^V^)

I let you judge (and I hope appreciate)the result  (*^-^*)!

And the making of (-^O^-)

I'll finish my article with an inspiring sentence I read earlier

“Love will find a way, everything else will find an excuse.” (Preston Smiles)
You can read the whole article here
Enjoy the rest of the day and stay tunned dear fellows  (*^-^*)!

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