lundi 21 avril 2014

Dear Fellows,

This week illustration is highly inspired by Snow White and the Huntsman. I didn't try to stay close to Chris Hemsworth though (even if I really like this actor^^).

It's a quick full digital illustration and I like to things rough sometimes :)

Stay tuned \(^O^)/

lundi 7 avril 2014


If you are following me on Facebook, you might have seen the line of today's illustration ^^

I love drawing peacocks, they are so beautiful so I decided to make an illustration Juno (Hera if you prefer Greek version), queen of Greek Gods often identified with peacock.

I use to have a big interest in Greek/Latin mythlogy back to middle school ( a little bit because I was a huge fan of Saint Seiya (^-^)

mercredi 2 avril 2014

Chara design


This week illustration is a chara design I made for a contest.

This one is 100% traditional (pen and brush)

I might color it later^^

Have a nice week!!!